warner bros entertainment

We’ve been involved in the Dutch movie business for quite a while now, and we’re happy Warner Bros. Entertainment has been our partner since back in the the early days.

August 2016 marked the birth of Instagram’s ‘stories’ feature, which became immensely popular – within a year, 250 million people were using the feature, daily. This is the foundation of our Stories Wall.

The Stories Wall uses special tools to aggregate Instagram Stories from influencers, celebrities and relevant users to be displayed on the big screen at the Dutch premieres of Warner movies like Birds of Prey, IT, Shazam and many more.

Our goal? To create hype around the movies and to engage the audience in ways that made the experience more interactive than ever before.


At premieres we’ll ask guests to share their expectations of the movie they’re about to watch. After the movie, we capture their genuine reactions, which often exceed the expectations they had.

We also get influencers, celebrities and even cast members involved by recording shout-outs or other small segments that can be used in online or social advertising which helps generate ticket sales.

Social wall

Working with Warner Bros., we aggregated Instagram for our Stories Wall at the Dutch premiere of Birds of Prey.

We turned the official artwork into an animation which made our Stories Wall even more engaging.

Shazam AR filter

For Warner’s superhero film Shazam we made this cool AR filter that puts you in Billy’s costume when you say the magic word!