the walt disney company

Truly engaging people requires strong content that triggers the target group into sharing their experience.

That’s an easy job when you’re teaming up with Disney and have their stunning movies like The Lion King and Maleficent 2 to work with.

Disney contacted us with the request to make the movie-going experience more social.

The objectives were clear: to create buzz around their movies and engage the audience in ways that involved participation and sharing behaviour. See how we pulled it off below!


To develop the little social spark into an online wildfire, we discuss the specific social strategy with the distributor involved.

A perfect example is our work for the premiere of Maleficent 2.

Stories wall

Our goal is to fit each social wall with the look & feel of the particular movie, like we did for The Lion King at the Pathé Tuschinski theater.

The cherry on top would be to achieve a trending topic status for the specific hashtag.