“Help us attract the interest of people, looking for meaning in their lives.”

The Oudekerkgemeente in Amsterdam told us they wanted to revitalise their brand identity, as well as their website and social strategy.

We decided to create a strong, visual identity for the Ouderkerkgemeente that could be deployed on all online platforms. We optimized this image for platforms the client wasn’t yet on, as well.

The core focus of this identity was cohesion and recognizability.

what we did

We got stuck in – really stuck in. Carefully, we researched, learned and understood the workings of the community around the oldest church in Amsterdam.

We needed to understand what made them tick.

Once we understood this community, we started developing the elements for a cohesive identity. A brand-new identity.



We defined the four pillars at the foundation of this community and represented these in the new logo. The logo also emphasised the ‘O’ and ‘K’ from Oude Kerk – Old Church.


We started testing the waters with the elements of those pillars so determine what we could use as identity carriers.


These elements could then be used freely and interchangeably, adaptability being a key focus.

Printed output

Once things were put in print, the graphic world we had created really started to come to life. The central theme was always adhered to, ensuring cohesion, recognizability and, most of all, uniformity.


New website

The pillars and elements we created were also used in the design for the new, refreshed website.