a campingflight to lowlands paradise

Lowlands, the mother of all festivals! We love running around at this festival capturing the vibe. More than 60.000 people indulging in four days of the best music, films, art, fun, drinks and dancing: at Lowlands it really is impossible to get bored.

In 2016 Mojo Concerts asked us to take care of the customer care and online content for Lowlands and we’re proud to have been involved in many ways ever since.


We capture the magic of this festival by shooting aftermovies, reports, backstage content, recaps of the best performances, and whatever we run into on this four day adventure.

See some of our personal highlights below.

Our Livecrowd team is present on site for a week, helping out Lowlanders with anything. And by anything we mean really ANYTHING.

Had one too many beers and can’t find your tent? Livecrowd is here to help! If you’re lucky we might even bring your a little hangover breakfast in the morning..

De Staat

One of our favourite Lowlands moments was the headline show of Dutch band The Staat in 2019.

This video we made catched more than just the incredible show. We added backstage content of the band right before and after their performance, and some heartfelt reviews from the crowd.

Silent Disco

On Thursday night Lowlands kicked off with the biggest silent disco in the world.

See how we captured 30.000 headphones lightening up the night while dancing to this brilliant track by Aretha Franklin.

Lowlands Report

If you’ve ever been to Lowlands you know about the infamous bridge you have to cross before you enter Lowlands Paradise.

We sent Willie Wartaal of De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig to the scene to do a report on how people are holding up out there.

Lowlands 2019 Recap

Here’s a recap of what Crafture did at Lowlands 2019.

We wish we could go back!