A masterclass we hosted at our office in Amsterdam led to our involvement with an event JCDecaux were hosting at the Rijksmuseum.

JCDecaux needed engagement, interactivity and entertainment for the presentation of their new Digital out of Home (DOOH) Stories concept.


A lot of famous influencers were going to be present at the presentation, which included a tour of the Rijksmuseum itself. It was therefore crucial that we developed a method of creating and capturing the magic so JCDecaux could demonstrate the efficacy of their DOOH Stories.

Ultimately, JCDecaux’s DOOH Stories would function like Instagram Stories but would be displayed on their MUPI outdoor advertising panels.

A continuous partnership has since developed that has helped both BMCA and JCDecaux reach new goals.


We created animated Instagram replies to Stories created by the influencers present at the event.



We filmed their reactions to seeing their own social media posts on a billboard like this and the impact the animated replies had.

Once the tour of the Rijksmuseum concluded, we had the influencers stand outside the Rijksmuseum next to a MUPI and displayed their Stories.

Take a look at the aftermovie to see how we pulled it off.