Marvel got in touch with us about the launch of one of their most anticipated movies yet, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Our mission: create & maintain hype, get people talking and make the Dutch release of the film one for the history books.

To do this, we realized we needed to make the film the talk of the (online) town, while also establishing an engaged, interactive community.

This required a lot of online attention and social traffic centring on Guardians of the Galaxy, which meant we had to utilize a wide variety of social channels and advertising tools.

what we did

To make this happen, we created various Facebook, Google and Twitter ads that were deployed strategically to reach as many fans as possible in the months and weeks leading up to the film’s release.

Facebook ads

Using image material supplied by Marvel, we started
targeting the audience via Facebook ads.

Facebook results

Google ads

Google was next. Using the right Google Ads tools, we started
targeting the set audience, building excitement for the release.

Twitter ads