graspop metal meeting

Graspop, the legendary metal festival in Belgium, is an event we’ve worked with a lot in the past and continue to do today by providing traffic and data insights that make managing the festival easier.


In 2020 we did something else: when launching their GMM-20 virtual festival live on every platform in every format and on demand on Proximus Pickx by Proximus the numbers exploded!

Check out the results below.

As we went live fans could watch shows of Slipknot, Volbeat, Avenged Sevenfold, Sabaton and many more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


We knew we could bring the fan engagement of Graspop to a next level, but we were amazed to see the numbers going through the roof, and how they just kept going in the 24 hours after the livestream.


  • 1.120.886 unique viewers in 24 hours
  • 38% of the viewers are new fans

Behind the scenes

When Graspop got cancelled due to Covid-19 our team worked their asses off editing 19 legendary Graspop shows and lots of backstage content from the festival for the GMM-20 livestream.

Working on all this awesome content made us miss festival season even more, but we were happy to bring a dose of metal to the screens of the Graspop fans and bring them as close to a real festival experience as possible.