ArenAPoort is the collection of entertainment, sports, catering and retail establishments around the Amsterdam ArenA.

Regarded as the entertainment capital of the Netherlands, ArenAPoort approached Livecrowd with a task – to develop an online platform that would do this capital justice.

ArenAPoort and its promotion foundation, Stichting Promotie ArenAPoort, gave us the challenging objective to develop an online platform that would showcase the different partners/companies within ArenAPoort and provide visitors with useful information.

This challenge had two sides to it. On the one hand, the platform needed to be optimized to host engaging content that represented each ArenAPoort partner and company. On the other hand, the platform also needed to provide past, present and future visitors with relevant and accurate information.

what we did

We created positioning the platform as an informative/entertaining website for anyone curious about, or connected with, the area.

By placing an emphasis on interesting content by the organisations operating within the area, we were able to create an engaged, active community online, thereby truly showcasing the different organisations and what they had to offer.



The four pillars of the ArenaPoort-area – catering, sports, events and retail – were used in the design of the identity. By using recognizable colours, inspired by the colours that can be found around the area itself, the link between the off- and online community was established.



For we create informative and entertaining content, drawing attention to the various organisations and events in the area.


In the winter of 2016, the ‘Winterspektakel Zuidoost’ took place at the area. We adjusted the design of the website temporarily in order to draw attention to this event, and created engaging content (general information, articles, maps etc.) to serve that purpose.



We often work with partners in the area on developing successful social campaigns. In 2016, we created a video campaign for the Gård Nordic Kitchen, the Courtyard Marriott hotel’s restaurant.